About the band

The Mojo’s inception began in Tauranga in early 2004 with 3 good friends and musicians... Regan Boocock, Nigel McCutcheon & Scott Crowley deciding to form the band, though not a traditional 3 piece band in the scheme of things.... i.e. drums, bass and guitar. Although all our backgrounds previously involved playing in live bands The Mojo’s approach was to focus more on the singing and guitar.... starting off gigs with just acoustic guitar and vocals then incorporating professional backing tracks with live electric guitar to get the party started.

This dynamic proved successful in a number of ways as we would not take up as much space as a traditional band with a drum kit, (An issue at some small bars around here...we could fit in their DJ booth if necessary) We could control our volume easier for different functions and play songs with more variation & instrumentation than a 3 piece rock band... diverging into house & dance music for example.

   Regan Boocock

Six years on and after many memorable weddings, birthday parties, pub gigs, events such as The Gisborne Wine & Food festival and corporate functions for the likes of Westpac Business Awards in Tauranga, or Zespri’s christmas parties, The Mojo still loves to entertain.

Regan remains as guitarist and singer in the band & runs his own graphic & web design company Rapideye Media when not playing gigs. "My background as a musician didn’t really start till I picked up the guitar at 17 and taught myself to play... rather late considering the rise of young talented musicians around here but never the less a constant drive and passion for playing has always been there for me."

I moved to Sydney in my early 20’s & got into a few original style bands there.... The late 90’s I was in a popular covers band in Gisborne called Starfish.... the high lite playing the year 2000 gig there to about 20,000 people.

   Jodie Rendell

The Mojo is now mainly a duo performance with singer Jodie Rendell. Jodie started with The Mojo in 2006 & adds strong & versatile vocals to the bands repertoire. We now play a good mix of male & female songs ranging from classic charting anthems from 70’s rock to contemporary artists of today.

Jodie graduated from Wintec with a degree in Media Arts Commercial music and has sung with various bands in Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga. Jodie is not only a tallented singer, she has spent the last 12 months (between gigs) writing the Preoccupation Job Seekers Guide which is due to launch later this year, search for preoccupation on facebook for more info.

   Nigel McCutcheon

Nigel McCutcheon moved to Burleigh Heads Australia with his family around May of 2009, you may remember him as Billy Idol from the Stars In Their Eyes show which featured his awesum talent as a lead singer and performer... & yes that was his real hair dyed blond, a nightmare he admitted... but better to do it while you got sum!

Regan & Nigel had a recent gig together in December at The Coolangatta Sands Hotel which was truly rock n roll...We played thru their DJ’s System which was was massive.. needless to say a pub brawl broke out & sum crazy dude outside with a corocodile dundee knife slashing motorbike tyres..... all good for no sleep in Auckland the night before & straight off the aeroplane to our first Ozzi gig at 6 that evening!

   Scott Crowley

Scott Crowley continues to sing & perform occassionally with The Mojo... since having a daughter he has eased the reigns on The Mojo to take over sum new ones... He is also a successful and busy web designer who’s history as a lead singer goes back to many old Hamilton and Tauranga bands such as Emanon from 1991 and Blue Mother Child from 95 era.


The mojo playing at the Gisborne Wine & Food Festival, Amor Bendalls Winery at Wainui Beach 2009 to around 2000 people.

Regan & Jodie jamming it out at a private wedding in the Bay of Plenty starting out witha few acoustic easy going numbers.

Regan playing various gigs from weddings to bars and events, adding the rhythm and lead guitar to the mojo's big sound.

Jodie adds the female touch to The Mojo's sound with a great range of classics to contemporary artists covered.

Nigel singing with The Mojo, he now resides in the Gold Coast & performs when the band plays in Australia.

Scott performs occasionally with The Mojo, adding a hard rock vocal style to our sound.